Photography is not only my passion. It is also a part of me, my lifestyle and my beliefs.
I’m relentlessly pursuing the beauty in the surrounding world: in nature, architecture, as well as in the lively and vibrating city life. My favourite pursuit, however, is finding the beauty in people. And not the obvious, visible one, but also the one that is cannot be seen at the first sight. For me the real beauty is not dependant on size or shape, but can be found in the aura we create around us, in the spark of an eye, or even in the wrinkle appearing when we smile. The real beauty I’m seeking to show is something unique for one person only and often hard to notice if you are judging only someone’s outer appearances.
Show me how wonderful you are, and I will make it permanent.
Together we are going to create an image of a strong, feisty and confident woman for the business and advertisement purposes.
We will show your heart-warming side to your family and we will remind your beloved one, why they fell in love with you.
And, if like me, you love fashion, we will immortalise your best look or your creations.
And remember, no matter what you are going to wear, I will show how exceptional you are, as every person is one of its kind and this is what I attempt to show in my photos.

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